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Exciting News!

Tom and Mary Loughlin, owners of Loughlin Insurance Agency Inc., are happy and excited to announce the merger of our Agency with New England Insurance Group effective immediately. New England Insurance Group is one of the leading and fastest-growing Insurance Agency Networks in New England. LIA will pair our 40 plus years of experience with … Continue reading Exciting News!

Massachusetts Summer Fire Safety Tips

Summer should be fun but safety is always important too.   At Loughlin Insurance we want all our friends and customers to be aware of the techniques and preventions to make it a great Summer vacation and holiday season! Nothing rings in summer like firing up the grill, making s’mores, or getting your boat back on … Continue reading Massachusetts Summer Fire Safety Tips


 We here at Loughlin Financial Group (LFG) are committed to helping our friends and customers in any way we can.  Let us be your RESOURCE for all of your insurance and financial services needs.   We thank you for your continued support.


Summer in Massachusetts is definitely a time to have fun but when it comes to driving, safety is crucial. Our great business partners at Travelers have some safety hints for all drivers, young drivers, and distracted drivers!  Visit the link below for excellent information that will make the Summer a safe one.


Massachusetts property Insurance Costs have risen dramatically over the past few years.   Here are eight ways Loughlin Financial Group suggests for customers to save money. 1. INCREASE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE Massachusetts insurance companies vary, but by increasing your claims deductible from $1000(common) to $2500 you could save between 10-20% on your annual premium.  One rule of … Continue reading 8 WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR MASSACHUSETTS HOME INSURANCE COSTS

New England Winter – How To Prepare For The Winter Months

Is there a winter storm on the horizon? Take some time now to gather the supplies you will need to ride out the storm at home or to safely venture outside if you must. Once you have taken the appropriate precautions, you can focus on enjoying the winter wonderland outside your window. Here’s Travelers Insurance … Continue reading New England Winter – How To Prepare For The Winter Months

Umbrella Insurance, You Don’t Have To Be A Millionaire

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MILLIONAIRE…  Umbrella Insurance (Extended Personal Liability) is a valuable coverage that you may never have heard of.   Yet you may need it even if you’re not a “high earner”.    If you:              Own a car and or a home;              Have children especially youthful drivers;              Own pets;              … Continue reading Umbrella Insurance, You Don’t Have To Be A Millionaire

October Is Cyber Security Month – Are You At Risk?

ARE YOU AT RISK? The COVID 19 pandemic has caused many changes to the way businesses, governments and individuals operate, and introduced a wide spectrum of new challenges and risks.   This is especially true as more companies operate remotely and workers do their jobs from home. October is designated as “Cyber Security Month”.   Just about … Continue reading October Is Cyber Security Month – Are You At Risk?

Happy Labor Day 2020

Loughlin Financial Group is pleased to wish all our family, friends, and customers a happy Labor Day. Originally intended as a holiday to recognize the work and contributions of American workers, Labor Day was made a Federal holiday in 1894. In 2020,work has been in the forefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Professions and businesses … Continue reading Happy Labor Day 2020

July-August COVID-19 Updates | COVID Insurance Webinar Series

   Massachusetts and all of New England continue the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Loughlin Financial Group is working diligently with all our Massachusetts insurance carriers to help our clients weather the financial burdens of this crisis.  Companies have adopted a variety of remedies, from being flexible with non-payments and cancellation notices to waiving fees … Continue reading July-August COVID-19 Updates | COVID Insurance Webinar Series

Is my business essential? Massachusetts Essential Businesses List (COVID-19)

 TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS     We certainly find ourselves in unprecedented times both personally and as business people. As you may know, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has issued a Stay at Home Advisory and ordered the closure of Non Essential Businesses* effective at Noon Tuesday, March 24, 2020. As a financial services … Continue reading Is my business essential? Massachusetts Essential Businesses List (COVID-19)

Massachusetts RMV COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

The Massachusetts RMV is taking an important step following Governor Charlie Baker’s declaration of a State of Emergency the week of March 9th and to complement the work that has been underway for weeks across state government to keep residents safe and healthy. Due to the recent activity surrounding COVID 19 (Corona Virus), the RMV … Continue reading Massachusetts RMV COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Why Use A Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent?

Loughlin Financial Group IS the Independent Insurance Agent of choice for many customers.  For over thirty years we have provided high-level service and advice for all your personal and business insurance needs.  We have dozens of insurance carriers to call upon to help ensure our customers get the best price for the right coverage.  

Hands Off!

Massachusetts will finally enact the new HANDS- FREE DRIVING LAW effective February 23, 2020.   The law states that it will be illegal for drivers to touch their cell phones at any time while driving except of course to initiate the hands-free mode when entering the vehicle. Fines for violating the new law include the following: … Continue reading Hands Off!

Happy Holidays

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