How To Identify And Manage Business Risks In MA

The Insurance industry often speaks about “Risk Management”, a term that can be misleading and confusing. Please see attached an important article on the various forms of insurance-related and financial risks.

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Studies show that for most people the value in their home is their greatest asset.   

Helping to protect that asset is one of the most important things we do at Loughlin Insurance Agency/New England Insurance Group. We survey our fifty-plus insurance carriers for the best price and coverage for each of our customers.

Please see the information below, click on the website of your home insurance carrier or visit our website for more important information. Home is where the heart(and money) is!

5 Reasons To Review Your Home Insurance Policy 

  1. An increase in property value. 

You may need to increase your Massachusetts home insurance coverage to reflect the new value of your home.

  1. An increase in personal contents. 

Since purchasing your home, your personal contents have likely increased and will need to be added into the coverage to be sure they are protected in the case of loss or damage.

  1. Home improvements. 

Painting a room, renovating your kitchen, or finishing the basement all increase the replacement cost of your home.

  1. Safety system additions.

You may not be receiving the discounts for alarm and home surveillance systems added after you got your home insurance.

  1. Pets. 

Depending on certain animals and breeds, your insurers may assign higher premiums due to higher risk based on historical data.


May is the month we recognize small businesses and entrepreneurs with the  U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) declaring May1-7 “ National Small Business Week”.

 Over 32.5 million small U.S. businesses play an integral role in powering the nation’s economy representing almost 44% of GDP. Entrepreneurs create two-thirds of all new jobs and are considered the backbone of our economy.

 As a small, first-generation business ourselves, LIA/NEIG is proud to do our part by providing comprehensive business insurance and financial services to our diverse clientele such as truckers, tradesmen, light manufacturers, and professionals in the engineering, legal, and accounting professions.

 Whether a customer’s needs are business auto, general liability, workers compensation, or a host of other coverages, LIA/NEIG stands ready to help. We can provide years of insurance experience and options from all the leading companies in the industry backed by concierge-level customer service.

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Loughlin Insurance Agency/New England Insurance Group is fortunate to represent the finest insurance carriers in the industry.  One benefit of these relationships is the value-added perk of constantly receiving helpful information to pass on to our valued customers.

Please click on the links below for important property protection hints from our partners at Nationwide, Safety Insurance, and The Hartford. Winter should be a time for fun…not a loss!

Winter Preparedness and Safety Tips – Nationwide

Winter Weather Safety Tips | The Hartford

Protect your home against damage from freezing weather (

LIA/NEIG is one of the fastest-growing insurance organizations in the Northeast with offices and services throughout New England. We thank you for your continued support!



 Happy New Year and thanks for your continued support! Loughlin Insurance Agency is proud to be part of the New England Insurance Group, one of the fastest-growing insurance organizations in the Northeast.

With multiple offices throughout MA, LIA/NEIG offers a complete portfolio of insurance and financial services designed to help our customers protect their lives and assets. With over 40 years of experience, and fifty plus Insurance and Financial companies to choose from, LIA/NEIG stands ready to provide independent and knowledgeable insurance evaluations backed by the best customer service in the business.

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Preparing For Winter In Massachusetts


Loughlin Insurance Agency/New England Insurance Group is committed to helping our customers and friends protect themselves against Winter weather problems.  Please hit on the links below to see some important information from our great partners at Travelers Insurance about safety precautions during the cold weather months.

Winter Driving Safety Tips | Travelers Insurance

Winter Driving Survival Kit [Infographic] | Travelers Insurance

How to Help Winterize Your Car | Travelers Insurance

How prepared are you to drive during winter weather conditions? Take our quiz to find out. Do you know why the first winter storm is the most dangerous time to drive? Test your skills to learn if you are ready for winter weather challenges.

The Science Behind Winter Driving | Travelers Insurance

Do I Need Snow Tires? | Travelers Insurance

Exciting News!

Tom and Mary Loughlin, owners of Loughlin Insurance Agency Inc., are happy and excited to announce the merger of our Agency with New England Insurance Group effective immediately.

New England Insurance Group is one of the leading and fastest-growing Insurance Agency Networks in New England. LIA will pair our 40 plus years of experience with NEIG’s own forty years to continue to provide the best customer service and product offerings throughout the New England states.

                        This partnership will provide the following benefits for our customers:

  • Continued personal service from the whole LIA Team…and welcome back Rachel Bolger Harrington!
  • Additional Insurance Carriers to continue to provide the best prices and coverage in the industry;
  • State of the art and expanded technology;
  • Multiple office locations for customer convenience.

We will make more information available in the coming weeks Tom, Mary, Nancy, Jill, and now Rachel are here as always and ready to serve all your Personal and Business Insurance needs.   

Thanks for your business!

Massachusetts Summer Fire Safety Tips

Summer should be fun but safety is always important too.   At Loughlin Insurance we want all our friends and customers to be aware of the techniques and preventions to make it a great Summer vacation and holiday season!

Nothing rings in summer like firing up the grill, making s’mores, or getting your boat back on the water. Unfortunately, these warm-weather milestones significantly increase the risk of fires—and not always in the ways we expect.

Here are our experts’ tips for a safe, fire-free summer.


U.S. firefighters respond to more than 10,000 grill fires each year. Not surprisingly, most of these fires occur in the summer. Before you plan your next cookout:

  • Clean your grill: Inadequate or infrequent grill cleaning is the leading cause of grill fires. Leftover cooking residue or leaking fuel can ignite without warning, turning your grill into a torch in a matter of seconds. Thoroughly clean your grill every time you use it.
  • Check your spacing: Grills should generally be placed at least ten feet from anything flammable, including your home. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines for measurements specific to your grill model.

Want to learn more? Check out the NFPA’s Grilling Safety Tip Sheet.

Fuel and Flammables

Some summertime flammables, including tiki torches, gas-powered landscaping equipment, and fire pits are easy to spot. Others, such as improperly disposed oily rags, may not be on everyone’s fire safety radar. Read the warning labels on any chemicals, fuels, or cleaning supplies you use this summer. Linseed oil, mineral spirits, Sterno burners and turpentine are some examples of common household flammables. Remember that oily rags tossed in the trash can combust.


Smoking is the fifth leading cause of house fires in the U.S., and the number one cause of house fire fatalities. Smoking fires can be prevented, though. Check out our tips here.

Fire Pits

Everyone loves a freshly toasted s’more, but no one loves a fire pit flare-up! If you’ll be spending time around the campfire this summer, check out these tips for keeping kids safe around fire pits, which types of wood to burn, and more.


Over 9,000 fireworks-related injuries were reported to emergency rooms in 2018. More than a third of those ER visits were children. If fireworks are legal where you live and you’re planning to use them this 4th of July, be sure to keep them away from homes, flammables, and dry brush. Never let children handle sparklers or firecrackers, and soak both used and unused fireworks in water for at least two hours before tossing them out. Remember that hand sanitizer is extremely flammable – if you’ve recently used it, leave the sparklers to someone else!

In Any Season

Planning is everything. Know your emergency plan before a fire breaks out and talk with your family about evacuation routes. Make sure all family members are up to date on where you would meet if you got separated. Keep fire extinguishers on hand, keep your smoke detectors in good shape, and practice getting everyone out of the house (including pets!) safely. After the fire is put out and everyone is accounted for, call your independent insurance agent. They can help you navigate repairing, rebuilding, and replacing your home, apartment, or belongings.

Data source: NFPA


Summer in Massachusetts is definitely a time to have fun but when it comes to driving, safety is crucial. Our great business partners at Travelers have some safety hints for all drivers, young drivers, and distracted drivers!  Visit the link below for excellent information that will make the Summer a safe one.

Summer travel safety tips
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Massachusetts property Insurance Costs have risen dramatically over the past few years.   Here are eight ways Loughlin Financial Group suggests for customers to save money.


Massachusetts insurance companies vary, but by increasing your claims deductible from $1000(common) to $2500 you could save between 10-20% on your annual premium.  One rule of thumb says that if you save the difference between the deductibles in premium decrease in three years its worth it

Remember, if you do change stick to it!


These days some insurance carriers apply a “surcharge” after only ONE claim is filed!   “Self Insuring” (paying out of pocket) small claims can result in premium savings when combined with a higher deductible choice. Viewing Homeowners Insurance as only being for catastrophic protection can in most instances be smart financial budgeting.


Take advantage of “package pricing” by combining your Homeowners, Auto, and Umbrella policies with one company. Companies appreciate the extra premium and reward customers with package or bundling discounts of up to 20%.


Make sure to work with an experienced, independent agent who has access to a dozen or more carriers to comparison shop your policies each year.  It doesn’t always make sense to switch as companies offer “loyalty” discounts but companies DO differ in the competitiveness of their pricing from year to year and introduce new discounts all the time(especially true during the COVID Pandemic).   For example, did you know some companies offer a claims-free discount if no claims have been filed in several years?


“Attractive nuisance” items like trampolines,  tree houses, and hot tubs carry significant risk and are factored into an insurance companies premium pricing. Often these items are no longer in use and owning them discourages the insurance carrier from writing the risk at all,  providing the most competitive pricing, or in some cases renewing the policy.


Installing devices such as a smart thermostat can protect your home from unexpected temperature changes and usually save energy as well.   Many Insurance Companies now offer discounts   or utilizing this technology as well.


Statistics show that NOT having a home security system increase the odds of a break in by 200-300%. Many systems now offer protection for homeowners while AT HOME through the use of surveillance cameras, carbon monoxide protectors and automatic fire alerts. Water safety systems and water shutoffs can also be a good idea and cost saving.

Insurance companies like home protection systems very much for the obvious reasons and provide discounts of up to 20% for installing and using them


Beyond the aesthetics and pride of ownership reasons, homeowners should consider updating roofs, HVAC systems,  windows, wiring and plumbing periodically.  Insurance companies factor all these items into pricing insurance premiums and very much do periodic inspection of properties, especially when considering a new application.  Having insurance non renewed or cancelled is a real problem.   You can’t shop around for better coverage and pricing if you’re afraid to show the company your home’s condition.

There are other ways to get the best Homeowners Insurance premiums.    Let LFG give you a no-obligation “Price Check” today!

New England Winter – How To Prepare For The Winter Months

Is there a winter storm on the horizon? Take some time now to gather the supplies you will need to ride out the storm at home or to safely venture outside if you must. Once you have taken the appropriate precautions, you can focus on enjoying the winter wonderland outside your window.

Here’s Travelers Insurance with some great tips on how to prepare for a snow storm.

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Umbrella Insurance, You Don’t Have To Be A Millionaire


 Umbrella Insurance (Extended Personal Liability) is a valuable coverage that you may never have heard of.   Yet you may need it even if you’re not a “high earner”.

   If you:

             Own a car and or a home;

             Have children especially youthful drivers;

             Own pets;

             Have a regular income assets and/or retirement savings;

             Enjoy the use of boats, ATVs, motorhomes, snow mobiles etc.;

             Have a swimming pool, or a myriad of other circumstances…

  You should consider purchasing umbrella coverage through your local agent!

A personal umbrella policy can provide an extra layer of protection and can kick in where damages for covered claims might exceed underlying auto or homeowner limits. Umbrella Insurance can provide:

  • An extra 1 million to 10 million of liability coverage which can help protect assets and income in the event of a lawsuit resulting from auto, home or personal claims;
  • Coverage for other claims like libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy;
  • Legal defense costs and attorney’s fees.

In today’s world, anyone can get hit with a lawsuit and claims and awards continue to rise. That’s why it may be more important than ever to investigate and consider adding an umbrella policy to your personal insurance portfolio for protection…and your peace of mind.

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October Is Cyber Security Month – Are You At Risk?


The COVID 19 pandemic has caused many changes to the way businesses, governments and individuals operate, and introduced a wide spectrum of new challenges and risks.   This is especially true as more companies operate remotely and workers do their jobs from home.

October is designated as “Cyber Security Month”.   Just about any organization or individual that uses technology to conduct business faces cyber security issues.   These include:

    *Scams involving false requests for donations, personal information, bill collection, investment opportunities;

    * Computer System breach resulting in the theft of identity;

     * Hacking of cell phone data and social media platforms;

     * Ransomware demands, Malware attacks, Phishing email scams.

Unfortunately, successful cyber security crimes are growing exponentially (more than doubling over the last ten years) and can result in lost business revue, loss of customers, expensive data recovery costs, litigation and possible government censure.   Any business or individual who accepts credit cards or digital payments or keeps medical, legal or financial data for themselves or others is a target for cyber crime.

    Cyber Security Insurance is becoming more sophisticated and can be one answer to preventing and remedying these risks.    Coverages available include but are not limited to:

-Breach costs i.e. forensic identification of data stolen;

-Cyber Extortion i.e. identifying anonymous currencies;

-Cyber Crime such as “Social Engineering” and funds transfer fraud;

-Business Interruption;

-Data Recovery Expense.

 More and more of the major insurance carriers LFG represents such as Travelers and The Hartford offer comprehensive Cyber Security Insurance Programs that can be tailored for an organization or business’s exact needs. Act now to protect yourself and your customers from loss.

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Happy Labor Day 2020

Loughlin Financial Group is pleased to wish all our family, friends, and customers a happy Labor Day.

Originally intended as a holiday to recognize the work and contributions of American workers, Labor Day was made a Federal holiday in 1894.

In 2020,work has been in the forefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Professions and businesses in all areas have had to revisit when, how, and where work is done and certain changes like work from home are sure to be permanent.

Booker T. Washington said” Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work”. Work in fact is more than just toil; it is what gives people their purpose, fulfillment and truly the “pursuit of happiness” the Framers intended.

LFG is excited to continue our work FOR YOU now and into the future. We thank you as always for your continued support.

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