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Studies show that for most people the value in their home is their greatest asset.   

Helping to protect that asset is one of the most important things we do at Loughlin Insurance Agency/New England Insurance Group. We survey our fifty-plus insurance carriers for the best price and coverage for each of our customers.

Please see the information below, click on the website of your home insurance carrier or visit our website for more important information. Home is where the heart(and money) is!

5 Reasons To Review Your Home Insurance Policy 

  1. An increase in property value. 

You may need to increase your Massachusetts home insurance coverage to reflect the new value of your home.

  1. An increase in personal contents. 

Since purchasing your home, your personal contents have likely increased and will need to be added into the coverage to be sure they are protected in the case of loss or damage.

  1. Home improvements. 

Painting a room, renovating your kitchen, or finishing the basement all increase the replacement cost of your home.

  1. Safety system additions.

You may not be receiving the discounts for alarm and home surveillance systems added after you got your home insurance.

  1. Pets. 

Depending on certain animals and breeds, your insurers may assign higher premiums due to higher risk based on historical data.

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